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Put Your Hands Where Your Heart Is

Volunteers play a key role in supporting our Mission and Vision. Volunteer your time and talent to help military families who are away from home while their loved ones receive medical treatment due to illness, disease or injury. Your loving heart and helping hands can support them through the services provided by the Fisher House.

Volunteer Opportunities

No amount of time is too short; no amount of talent is too small!  Sign up individually or with a group. Volunteer opportunities include the following:

  • meal preparation for our guests

  • run a goods donation drive from our Wish List

  • prepare and drop off baked goods for our guests

  • daily household jobs (such as folding linens, cleaning, re-stocking household goods)

  • special projects or events (such as organizing a Bingo/game night or musical presentation)

  • provide free tickets to a base or community event (such as a sports or musical event)

  • decorate for holidays

Have your own idea for a project? Let us know!

Contact and Apply

For more information about volunteering at a Fisher House, please contact the respective House Manager:


VA Fisher House: Douglas Dickson

(210) 617-5542

BAMC Fisher House: Robyn Stewart

(210) 916-6458

Lackland Fisher House: Philip Harralson

(210) 671-6037

You must speak with the House Manager prior to arriving to volunteer. A schedule will be made available as to what days and times are open and areas that may interest you or your group.


One of the best ways YOU can help is by spreading the word about Fisher House. We can arrange for a staff member to come to your business, school etc. and provide an overview of our Mission.

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